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Jaime Coffey

Postpartum Doula PCD(DONA) - Birth Doula CD(DONA) 
CLES (Lactation Education Specialist) - Serving Los Angeles

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Welcome to "Jaime for doula!" This name is an ode to

my doula who was at both of my children's births.  We

still see her from time to time and my kids use her name

with "for doula" always attached.  I want to celebrate

that she opened the door for me into the amazing world

of serving others as a birth and postpartum doula.

What is a DOULA?  The Greek word doula means woman caregiver.  As a birth doula I provide the laboring woman and partner emotional support and physical comfort measures as labor unfolds.  I also assist in obtaining information before, during and just after childbirth.  This could mean preparation tools such as helping to form a birth plan, discussing desires and fears, promoting education and solid relationships with caregivers.  As a PCD(DONA) postpartum doula I serve new families with breastfeeding support, newborn care and bonding, integrating the whole family, alongside light housekeeping and meal preparation.  I have completed the following training approved by DONA International:  Bini Birth DONA Approved Birth Doula Training, Sierra Childbirth Institute’s DONA International Postpartum Doula Training, Breastfeeding Basics for Doulas through Bini Birth and Bini Birth Childbirth Education Class.  I recently volunteered as DASC's (Doula's Association of Southern California) Membership Director.  


I am also starting my journey into becoming an IBCLC and completed the LES course through Breastfeed LA.  I am excited to be a Lactation Education Specialist and to be able to use the knowledge I gained to add extra support to the breast/chestfeeding relationship of new families.

As a mother of two, this work is important to me.  I enjoy supporting mothers as they find their voices, by following intuition through listening to their bodies, their babies and creating their own unique birth experiences.  This journey continues in the postpartum weeks, as mothers heal, and parents learn from their children and reflect on the birth.  I view my role as a doula as one that protects and holds sacred each individual birth and family, knowing it will become a treasured memory for my clients.


Picture of Jaime, the doula who owns this site.
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Lactation Education Specialist
I am a CLES through BreastfeedLA, and have enrolled in BreastfeedLA's Lactation Consultant Education course in the fall of 2023.  If you would like to schedule a visit for breastfeeding support, my fee is $100 for a two hour visit.  During this visit we will:
  • Review what you know - you already know a lot!
  • Learn how to hand express
  • Recognize baby's feeding cues
  • Look at your baby's latch and help adjust as needed
  • Learn different breastfeeding/chestfeeding positions
  • Give tips for your comfort while feeding, and self-care measures
Please note:  If I do not have a solution for any challenges you are experiencing I will always refer out to someone who can help you further.
Postpartum Doula Services
*I am certified through DONA International
Postpartum Doula Services Include:
  • Breastfeeding and Lactation support
  • Newborn care support with Feeding, Bathing, Diapering, Sleeping and Bonding
  • Partner Support
  • Light housekeeping and Organizing
  • Light meal prep, as well as grocery shopping and errands
  • Support with identifying perinatal mental health
  • Support with integrating siblings, pets and other loved ones to promote bonding
Fee for Daytime Support, with some Early Evenings:
  • $45-60 per hour (including with multiples, as I'm working hard no matter how many babies you have)
*Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED trained through American Red Cross, updated September 2021.
Birth Doula Services
Birth Doula Services Include:
  • Free interview
  • 2 prenatal visits, additional visits available for a sliding scale fee.  
  • Birth plan help
  • Practice of comfort measures
  • Provide a resource list for your area
  • On call text/call/email support two weeks before and after your "due" date
  • Full availability during labor
  • Support immediately after birth (usually 1-2 hours, however, can be longer if needed)
  • 1 postpartum visit with breastfeeding support
​Please note, Birth Doulas do not perform the following:
  • Perform clinical tasks or give clinical advice/diagnosis
  • Make decisions for you.  Doulas do advocate for you.  For example, advocacy of following wishes within your birth plan, and seeking information for you to make those decisions.
  • $4000 to $4500
  • Depending on number of prenatal visits
  • If financial assistance is needed, I can offer a sliding scale.
I am also an artist and I love to paint portraits!  To view works of previous commissions, please visit:
Jaime Coffey's DONA Certificate showing she's a certified postpartum doula.
Jaime Coffey's January 2022 Lactation Education Specialist Course Certificate.
Jaime Coffey's Certified Birth Doula DONA Certificate.
Banner of portraits that Jaime also paints.


If you would like more information about my services or for references, please feel free to contact me. 
I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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