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Photo of Jaime holding baby as  a postpartum doula.

As a couple of new parents, having Jaime as our doula is one of the best choice we have ever made. She is so helpful and almost life-saving in the first month of the birth.

Jaime started serving second day after we returning home. She is so experienced in taking care of a newborn and coached us a lot of stuffs including soothing the baby, taking shower, and breastfeeding. She is a great baby whisperer and help us understand what the baby needs and how can we responds to this need.

Jaime also helped a lot with baby laundry and cleaning. That really helped us save so much time for more sleep.

Jaime was never reluctant to find what she can help and act very actively to help. She is also a great friend and very easy to get along with. She shared a lot of her personal stories with us and we still remember the snacks she brought to us the last day.

We are so grateful to have her and we strongly believe she will also be your best doula.

-Peter & Selena

Postpartum doulas also fold baby laundry, and this pictures shows organized and folded laundry.
Photo of organized changing table and folded laundry, part of what postpartum doulas do.

As first-time parents with families that live far away from us, my wife Chihiro and I determined that hiring a postpartum doula would be a good idea for much-needed assistance when our baby was born. What we found in Jaime was not only someone who could provide support, but also someone who could teach us how to be effective caring for the baby when she was not around. We knew barely anything about handling a baby, and we unfortunately didn't have the best experience trying to learn from the nurses at the hospital, so the techniques that we learned from Jaime for feeding the baby, changing diapers, bathing the baby, etc proved invaluable. 

Our baby was born 2 weeks early, and we appreciated that Jaime was willing and able to rearrange her schedule to be there for us shortly after we returned home from the hospital. Chihiro had a traumatic c-section experience, so early on Jaime showed me the ropes, and between the two of us we were able to help Chihiro focus on rest and recovery. That said, she also had a keen eye for when I needed rest as well, and she was always willing to watch the baby so that I could get a shower and/or nap in. She helped with cleaning, laundry, cooking, and even shopping -- she really made life so, so, so much easier for us than it would have been if we had to handle everything on our own. And on top of all that, we had some great conversations and built a friendship. We would feel 100% comfortable going back to her if we need additional support in the future. 

If you're reading this trying to find someone you can rely on to help care for your mini: reach out to Jaime today, because you've found what you're looking for!

-Gerald & Chihiro

Jaime, postpartum doula, holding newborn baby.

Having Jaime’s support and assistance with our second baby was so helpful. She helped remind me of some things I had forgotten and provided tips on some new experiences that were presented to us. She is very calm and gentle. Jaime was attentive to the needs of myself, newborn, and older son. Making the transition go smoother. I really appreciated her help.

- Loren

Photo of a newborn baby onesie.

Jaime was a wonderful doula -- exactly what we needed in the hectic weeks before and following our baby's birth. We initially hired Jaime as both a birth and postpartum doula, but because we ended up having an emergency C-section, we did not need as much help during the birth as we had anticipated. (Though the pre-birth meetings we had with Jaime were helpful in getting us ready for labor and delivery, even if nothing ended up going as we planned!).

As a post-partum doula, Jaime was very supportive and helped us get a handle on all the basics of parenting and newborn care. She brought a calm and positive energy that we so appreciated, as it's easy to feel bogged down and incompetent when getting to know a first child. She was always able to meet us where we were, offering assistance and support that varied according to our needs and energy levels. Jaime was thoughtful about Covid safety, flexible on scheduling, and all-in-all a much-appreciated part of our lives during a time when we had minimal support from family and friends due to geography and Covid. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jaime to others!

-Lana & Amanda

Collage of pictures with newborn baby and parents, postpartum family Jaime supported.

I hired Jaime to be our doula but with COVID restrictions she was not able to join us in the delivery room. During the in-home visit before the birth, Jaime walked us through techniques we could use in the delivery room and our set up in our apartment after we brought the baby home. Jaime was always available to answer questions via text or email. We were lucky to be able to have Jaime visit us after we gave birth too. She was so helpful with providing meal prep help, doing light cleaning, and showing us options to try to get our newborn to sleep. I would love to work with Jaime again if we decide to have a second. 

- Mai & Chaz

My wife and I hired Jaime to be our doula in early 2020. Being first time moms, we had no idea what we were doing. We also didn't have our parents nearby to help, so knowing she was only a phone call away made us feel safe and comforted. Unfortunately, due to the COVID restrictions, Jaime was not able to be with us at the hospital during the birth in April 2020. However, she walked us through some brilliant techniques to use in the delivery room beforehand, so we felt supported even though she wasn't able to be there. Jaime called us on the phone during labor, and calmly walked Emily through some tips on how to deal with her discomforts, as well as tips on which questions to ask the doctor. We would highly recommend Jaime to anyone looking for a Doula. She was full of support, offered great advice, and made us feel like we could ask her anything in such an unknown time of our lives. Thank you, Jaime!

-Gemma & Emily

Photo of family that Jaime supported as a postpartum doula.
Photo of mini quiches that Jaime baked while supporting a postpartum family.

Following a rough post partum period with our son we decided we needed a doula's support for after the birth of our daughter. Jaime came highly recommended from a neighbor and luckily she was available when we needed her. Jaime is warm, personable and communicates well. What was key for us was Jaime's flexibility; the post partum period after our daughter was much easier than we had anticipated and so Jaime was able to be flexible to provide support to us in different ways. Jaime did lots of cooking and grocery shopping for our family which was very helpful and made life much easier. Jaime was also able to help entertain our toddler whilst I was feeding the baby or comfort the baby whilst I was dealing with the toddler.


Photo of baked chicken sliced and veggies that are being cooked for a shepards pie.
Banner of photos that Jaime supported as a birth doula, and family during postpartum support.  Newborn baby, sister and grandmother.

If you need support, Jaime is there.  Jaime has been a wonderful support for our family while having baby. She definitely touches people's hearts, and my daughter loves her!  - Nadia

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